hotel equipment

elite suite
Suite. Every hotel room! Only with elite strom sleep products. Sleep becomes a competitive advantage.
Quality recognized by international brands of the industry.
Design and aesthetics with  numerous architectural and color combinations.
Flexible, customized solutions for every special request.
Highest standards of raw materials. Ergonomy. Relaxation.
elite suite, for every visitor to your hotel.

The right choice.
1. elite strom is a greek company, operating since 1979.
Proprietary vertical integrated production line.
Every raw material and every new product are subject to in-house TQM testing to simulate a ten year use.
4. Complete line of sleep products
5. Tailor made solutions for any hotel.
6. In constant pursuit of innovation. Like with the “pillow top” line of anatomic mattresses embedded with top mattresses with a zipper.
7. Trust distinguishes elite strom in every cooperation.
8. Flexibility offered to every partnership.
9. Great international recognition by world market leaders.
10. Exclusive collaboration with the world’s #1 company of the industry, TEMPUR.
11. Officially licensed to produce SEALY mattresses, #1 brand in the USA


A puzzle of science, human factor, innovation.
A mattress geography that covers every requirement.
Materials of the highest standards. Ergonomy. Anatomicity.Design.


Ergonomy and design in every architectural and decorative trend.


Anatomic support for the mattress. For the body.
An anatomic base multiplies the properties of a mattress

250 small and larger hotels. Boutique hotels. Like “Ammos” in Mykonos and “o&b” in Athens.
Day after day, a new collaboration with a hotel owner that becomes an ambassador of the quality of elite strom.
A commitment of ours to always be by their side