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  • deluxe

    Rich materials combined with ergonomic design. You can simply replace the top mattress to easily upgrade or refresh the sleeping surface, enjoying an invigorating night’s sleep.

  • comfort

    The latest edition of the pillow top series. Incorporates both the design and key features, as well as the standard specifications of the materials used. It is an excellent and flexible option that creates a comfortable sleeping surface. 

  • temptation

    A unique, innovative mattress which combines high elite strom technology with the beneficial properties of Tempur innovative material, created by NASA. 

  • privilege plus

    New anatomic mattress with independent movement of a large number of pocket springs that provides total support and rest of the body without transmiting movement on the surface, while offering the sense of softness and stability that you seek. An anatomical suggestion that will completely relax the muscles of your mind and body. 

  • excellence

    High quality construction with Pocket Spring type springs independently operating and relenting only at points under pressure. As a result, the body has the proper support even to most curved points, while the 5 firmness zones ensure full applicability and anatomic performance throughout the body. Even in cases where the difference in weight of two people lying on an Excellence is big, its reaction is once again perfect. 

  • wave

    Wave is an option of an anatomic mattress which includes Pocket Springs. It provides personalized support to your body and relief any pressure on it. In total, it offers the quality and support you need for a comfort sleep experience. 

  • bliss

    Anatomic mattress with Pocket Springs for independent support that recede in the pressure points between the mattress and the body. 

  • astral

    Enjoy a relaxing and restful sleep on a mattress with independent springs, retreating only to pressure points exerted by the body. The ergonomic design supports the spine in its natural curves. 

  • elite latex

    It is entirely made from natural materials, latex and cotton. The honeycomb surface of rubber, being the basic mattress material, provides proper ventilation and optimum flexibility. It ensures healthy and comfortable sleep since it minimizes the pressure exerted on body. 

  • relax

    The ergonomic design combined with the independent springs offer multiple supporting points and allow you to sleep more restfully, relaxing your spine. 

  • felicity

    The new anatomic mattress FELICITY  is made according to American standards, and the user does not need to turn for maintenance. The spring type Cosiflex core (220/m²) which is combined with the rich material layers and the soft fabric, provide excellent anatomic behavior, fluffy and comfortable feel. It combines excellent qualities and feel at a great price.

  • physical

    It is an option of a classic design of mattress. Cosiflex springs are used to provide the required support to your body. It combines an anatomic sleep with a firm feeling. 

  • galaxy

    High quality of materials combined with the latest technology of cosiflex springs work together to deliver an anatomic mattress at an affordable price.