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  • wonderflex

    Core of 260 pocket spring type springs/m² and solid white fir wood. The ergonomic design offers even greater anatomy and endurance by increasing the life of the mattress. A base that will highlight the features of your mattress to the maximum.

  • wonderbed

    Our classic base consists of 220 Cosiflex type springs/m² while the base itself is built like an anatomic mattress that absorbs the vibrations.
    The frame is made of solid fir timber specially designed to prevent squeaks and inclined to the surface so as to prevent movement of the mattress.

  • primebed

    Bed base made of solid white wood and 180 springs/m².
    The springs give the mattress extra anatomy and absorb vibrations and pressures adding to the duranility and feel of the mattress. The frame is glued and nailed at the joints and is rigidly built eliminating squeaks and noises.

  • solidbox

    Solid Box is made entirely from solid fir timber designed to allow you to enjoy the ultimate beneficial properties of your mattress.
    Extremely sturdy and rigid structure without noises.

  • storagebox

    A bed with storage space.
    Simple, functional and above all relaxing and anatomic.

  • ergo

    Εrgo is an anatomic bed frame which is inspired and tailor made for your need of a relaxed and restful sleep. Ergo ensures your mattress durability and helps to enhance and retain its features.